Member Login Pro PHP Script Demo

PHP member login script

An easy solution for you to manage your own members area on your existing website. No special software to run, you just need to make sure your website has PHP and MySQL enabled, which is very much standard practise now. To use PHP Member Login Pro, you simply create your own web pages with content you would like to protect, then add the one line of PHP code (Page Protection PHP Code) to the top of these pages and that its. Anyone who tries to access these pages will be redirected to the login screen and be prompted for a username and password before they can gain access.

Admin Dashboard
You can login to the Member Login Pro Demo here using the following Username and Password:

Username: admin / Password: admin

Member Login
You can login as a Member here using the following Username and Password:

Username: user / Password: user

~ ~ The demo is fully functional, apart from the emailing of Group Members, this has been disabled. All data will be reset to default every 2 hours. ~ ~

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