Support / FAQ's

Member Login Pro is an invaluable tool for any person or business who has a website and would like to make sure only certain people with the correct member access rights can view the data and content.Member Login pro is a PHP script which creates a login wrapper around your existing or new web pages to prompt the visitor to login to view the content.

What is Member Login Pro?
Member Login pro is a script that can be used on a website to protect single pages or multiple pages and allow a member to login with a username and password to view the pages. This allows you to have a members only area on your website. This could be for a fee paying member, time limited access, viewing files and photographs etc. You can hide anything you require behind a username and password with Member Login Pro.

Who can use Member Login Pro?
Member Login Pro can be used by anyone who has a website and would like to create a member system to allow only those who have a valid username and password to view page on their website.

Is Member Login Pro easy to use and manage?
Oh yes! Anyone with a browser can add a Member or User to the system and give them a username/password.

How many Users / Members can I add?
It is an unlimited number of Member or User you can add to Member Login Pro. We do not pose any limits whatsoever on the number of logins you create. You can however, limit the number of Members you assign to a Group to keep them a manageable size.

Can I see who is Logged in at any one time?
Yes, Login stats are recorded and you can view who has logged in with in the last hour and keep track of how many times a Member has logged in. You can also view their IP address and User Agent.

Whats stats are stored for Members / Users?
Stat storage for Members and Users is viewable at any time on a Group or Member level. The date/time of login, ip address and user agent are logged. This information is stored until you reset all the member login data.

How many pages can be Protected with Member Login Pro?
You can protect as many pages as you require. You have a one line PHP Protection Code that is issued and you can add this to the top of any page you wish to have a login for. Anyone who visits a page with the PHP code added, will be required to login before the page can be viewed.

Can I contact my Members through Member Login Pro?
Yes we have a built-in email system that will allow you to contact your Members and Users on a Group level. Its just a case of selecting which Group to send an email to, entering your email text and hitting send. Then all members in that Group will be sent the email.

Can I see if any of my members has shared their login information with someone?
Yes, you can see at a glance any members who are logged in, the session is stored so that any you can see the member's username and their ip address they logged in with. You can use this information to see a User has used more than one IP or agent name to login.

What does I need to use Member Login Pro?
You need PHP 5.5+ and MySQL 5+ enabled web server. This is pretty much standard practise for hosting plans nowadays. If in doubt contact your website hosting company for details.

How many Admin Users can be created?
Just the one. This is purely because only one person needs admin access to manage the system. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so to speak and the less people who have access is better.

How do I purchase?
Easy, if you have seen the features and read the faq section and you would like to purchase your own copy of Member Login Pro, just click the ‘purchase’ button on the top of the page and follow the instructions. If you have any pre-purchase questions, please feel free to contact us.

I have an idea for feature, can I let you know?
Yes of course, we would be happy to listen to any requests for features that will improve the software script.

I need a customised version of Member Login Pro, Can you help?
Yes we can!. A fully customised solution can be developed especially for your requirements, send us a brief on what you require and we will be happy to supply you with a no obligation quote.

How much does Member Login Pro cost?
Its cheap, really, really cheap compared to similar products on the market. To find out how much it costs, click the Purchase button on the top of the page!

Is the a Demo I can try before I buy?
Yes, we recommend that you try the demo we have created to try before you by. The demo can be found on the Member Login Pro demonstration page.

Do I need any special software to install the script?
No, Member Login pro requires PHP (MySQLi ext.) and MySQL, both of which are supplied with hosting packages. The script can be installed on your localhost server or a web server which meets the minimum requirements.

How secure is Member Login Pro?
The script is as secure as the passwords you use and give to members. Nothing and I repeat nothing, is secure on the internet, there will always be someone who can access your files. This could be a web designer, the support team of your web hosting company etc. All these people have access to your files at anytime. We recommended not storing any sensitive data and using this script on https. Do not forget that if someone has access to your admin area, then they will have access to all your members and users. Member Login Pro use the bcrypt with salt method for storing password in the database.

Do you offer a refund?
Only in certain cases. Prior to purchasing please make sure you fully understand what its requirements are and how it works. If for some reason the script cannot be installed on a hosting account which meets script requirements we can issue a refund. However, please note that we cannot issue a refund if the product does not meet your expectations.

How long does it take to receive the script after I purchase it?
Usually a few minute or so. All orders are processed manually and you will be emailed a download link upon purchase. Our fraud verification system may put your order on hold if for example your paypal address is unverified or it is not like the email address used for the purchase.

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