Support / FAQ's

A web based online PHP accounting and invoicing solution for very simple in and out accounting to keep track of payments received, expense transactions and invoices.

If you need help or assistance or just want further information, please see our RSA Help and Support Help Section which contains help guides and support answers.

Installation Requirements
Really Simple Accounts will run on any web server or localhost which has PHP (5+) and MySQL (5+) installed. To install, simple edit the inc-config.php file with your database information and then upload all the files, then run the installer script.

How to Buy Really Simply Accounts
Purchasing a licensed copy of Really Simple Accounts to use is like our accounting program, simple!, just click the purchase button to order your copy. Payment is processed by our third party payment provider, PayPal. A quick this to note is that delivery of the script (download) is not instant and may take a few hours for us to process your order.

How many business account can be created?
Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing can handle an unlimited number of companies/businesses that you own. You can create a new business account file which will have its own login and be able to store all your transaction and invoice data. To switch between business account field you simply need to login to the business account you wish to use.

Are there any transaction, quotes or invoice limits?
No there are no limits whatsoever, you can enter or create an unlimited number of transactions, quotes and invoices which are all stored in easy to view format and searchable data.

What Currency can be used?
You can use any currency you want, when you are creating your business account file, select your choice of currency from the drop down list. It can be edited at anytime.

Can I use either the US / UK date format?
Yes you can use either the UK or the US date format or switch between them at anytime.

Can I use a prefix for my invoice numbers?
Yes, just stipulate this at the time you create your business field and this will be applied to all invoices that you create.

Can I have my own logo on my invoices?
Yes you can, you can have a different logo for each of your business account files you create. You just need to make sure the logo is in the images folder and then enter the image file name in the business account file settings.

Can I edit the invoice layout?
Yes you can, but you would need to know a little bit about HTML to be able to do this via the invoice template page.

I like to see pretty charts, does Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing have these?
Yes it does, we all like to see an illustration so that we can see how our accounts are doing. On the main page, you can see a month by month column chart to see how your income and expenses are shaping up. The chart can be enabled / disabled via the config file and is enabled by default.

How much is Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing to purchase and are there any monthly costs?
The script is available to purchase for a one-off low fee to allow it to be installed and there are no ongoing monthly costs. Once you purchase it, that is the only fee you will pay (excluding custom updates etc.).

Do I need any special software to install the script?
No, Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing requires PHP and MySQL, both of which are supplied with hosting packages. The script can be installed on your localhost server or a web server which meets the minimum requirements.

Can Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing work out VAT and TAX?
Yes, the script is written for those who require this tax functionality and are looking for a simple in - out no frills accounting software. The tax name, tax amount rate can be fully customisable to your countries tax data. Tax can be turned on or off.

Can I back-up my accounts data to an external drive?
Yes and its recommended that you do back-up your data as often as possible. When you run the database backup you can download the back-up file to your local PC or backup drive.

Can I create a client list so that I can easily invoice them?
Yes, this is a main feature so that you can create a client card and then quickly select the client to create an invoice. You will be able to track the invoice payments to see which clients have paid / not paid at a glance. Invoices and Quotes can be emailed to clients directly from the dashboard.