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Email Address Encoder

Email Address Encoder

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by Steve Dawson PHP Programmer (written in PHP and JQuery)

If you have to have your email address visible on your website, even though it is an open invitation to receive spam, you should take a few precautions. One step you can take is to encode your email address so the email harvest programs cannot find it when they spider you website.

This is by no means foolproof as the writers of email harvesting programs are getting cleverer every day at ways to grab your email address. Most harvesters are quite simple webpage spiders looking for the @ symbol, as this is mainly used in email addresses. When a spider comes across one it takes the address and adds it to a large list of emails from which, these will be used for spamming purposes.

Another option is not to put an email address anywhere on your website but use an email response form or more commonly known as a 'contact form'. This hides you email address in a script and the visitor to your website fills in the form and then this information is sent to your email address without the sender even knowing what your email address really is.

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